Early years
Eunice Llinas was born in Colombia, South America. She attended a private primary school, St. Anne in Barranquilla. The school provided a unique setting that allowed the freedom for discovery and growth. Learning was a holistic experience which developed the child’s sensory awareness and an interactive relationship with the environment. This experience touched all aspects of her life, spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual.

Middle and High School
Eunice Llinas studied middle and high school at the Instituto Pestalozzi, from sixth through twelfth grade. Unique to this Institute was the study of pedagogy, where Eunice acquired teaching experience as she learned and later applied the Pestalozzi method to her academic career.

Professional Life
Mrs. Llinas, earned a degree in Architecture from the Universidad del Atlántico in Colombia. Together with her husband, also an architect, she has worked in various projects In Colombia and in the United States. It was here in Houston, that Ms. Eunice discovered the Montessori Method, when she observed an experienced teacher interact with an eight month – old student. Inspired by this experience, she registered her own children in a Montessori school. Two of her daughters have graduated with honors from the University of Houston one with a degree in mechanical engineering and the other with a double degree in Italian & Communication Disorders. Her third daughter is currently attending this University, pursuing civil engineering degree. As Maria Montessori required, after the first career, architecture, Ms. Eunice engaged her second career and earned her credentials as a Montessori teacher with the  American Montessori Society (AMS).

Director of the School
In 1989 Mrs. Llinas received the Director Certification. She has been acting director of Sheridan Montessori for the past 24 years. In 2001 Mrs. Llinas received a Small Business Administration certification from the Economic Development Center at Texas Southern University. She was certified as CPR and First Aid Instructor by the American Red Cross from 2002 to 2010. In order to assure thatSheridan Montessori is fully up-to-date with all educational advancements, following Montessori directives, Ms. Eunice and her staff earned the Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials by the Council for Professional Recognition. This requires CEU hours incontinuing education in child development and other core areas, enabling the school staff to apply the latest scientific findings using the best techniques in the classroom.